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Once you've made your membership login, you can connect to the program without needing it.

Get the API and setup shown in the video

You can connect securely with the API system. For detailed and detailed information, you can get help from the information provided to you.

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You are safe with API connection.

The API connection is a secure key offered to you by your exchange.

Ease of Use

Boticker takes care of all transactions for you

Our Roadmap

24 Sept 2019
Our artificial intelligence work has been completed.

Our testing process started with a team of 12 people.

27 Nov 2020
Our test work for 12 people has been completed.

1247 futures transactions were made. 100% success was achieved.

19 Jan 2021
The second testing process has been started.

Our Boticker test process was started with 79 test members.

25 Jan 2022
Our second testing process is complete.

3424 transactions were made on BNB. 100% success rate was achieved in all procedures.